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Welfare & Foodbank

Housing Support Guidelines include:


  • Advising or assisting the service user with personal budgeting and debt counselling.

  • Advising or assisting the service user in dealing with benefit claims and other official correspondence relevant to sustaining occupancy of the dwelling.


Much of the work of CCAST Highland is in the area of assisting and supporting individuals to be aware of and apply to the correct welfare benefit. This often involves advocacy work on the individual’s behalf plus networking with other agencies such as the CAB, JCP, PIP, ATOS, Clydebank & the Highland Councils Welfare payment Dept etc.


We facilitate the Tain Food Bank service in partnership with Blythswood Care and the Trussell Trust. We collect and supply food locally via the Food Bank. This is done through Emergency food boxes which provide an individual or a family with a three day supply of food.


We also have an open food bank on two afternoons a week (Tues & Thurs12;00-14:30hrs ) where a ‘referred’ individual or family can come along and receive a supply of food. This is more useful for tailoring food bank to fit a larger family unit or a particular dietary requirement. It is also more helpful in ‘getting to know’ the individual or family and being able to sign post them to other appropriate agencies should other issues arise.

CCAST Highland Foodbank
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