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Care Affiliates



We are registered and regularly inspected by the Care Inspectorate and the Service Manager is registered with the SSSC (The Scottish Social Services Council).


The Care Inspectorate


Regulates all care services in Scotland using the National Care Standards, set out by the Scottish Government, as a benchmark for how each type of service should perform. These standards are the minimum that you should expect when using care services.  While a service is operating we evaluate each service against up to four of the most important aspects of care.


These are:  

  • Quality of care and support

  • Quality of the environment

  • Quality of staffing  

  • Quality of management and leadership


Because we evaluate separate aspects of care, a care service could have as many as four grades.  These are given based on what we find at each inspection.


CCAST Highland’s details and most recent inspection report can be seen on the Care Inspectorate web site using - Registration No. CS 2009231751

Care Affiliates, CCAST Highland
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